• Marcel Smith

The Denim Jacket - The King Of Jackets

Updated: Apr 5

The humble denim jacket is the king of jackets for its versatility, durability, availability, quality, and the fact that denim never goes out of fashion.

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The denim jacket (aka) the Jean jacket was created by Levi jeans (Levi Strauss) - the inventor of jeans. The Jean jacket appeared in the 1880's, about 10 years after the invention of Jean pants.

Jeans were originally intended as work wear and gradually transitioned to casual wear during the 20th century. The rise of the Jean jacket was largely due to celebrities adapting it as a casual and fashionable clothing item. Nowadays denim jackets are everywhere, from bargain buy chain stores to high end designer boutiques, the Jean jacket is legendary and globally popular.

My own beloved denim jacket, I bought many years ago from a second hand store and it's one of my most worn pieces of clothing. If ever I'm in doubt about which jacket or Jersey to pair with an outfit, it's usually going to end up being the denim jacket as it goes with almost everything (except for jeans or active wear.)

A denim jacket is a super handy closet staple item, and there's one out there for everyone. It is the ultimate in jackets and this is why...

Versatility - Denim jackets looks great with printed dresses, plain dresses, minis, maxis, leggings, t-shirt, singlets and blouses.. You can throw a denim jacket on with so much and it'll instantly take your outfit to a higher level in the style stakes.

Durability - Denim is one of the hardest wearing fabrics, it will stand the test of time.

Because I bought my favorite denim jacket second hand I have no idea how old it is, but I've had it for a least 6 years and it's got several more years of wear left in it yet.

Availability - Denim jackets are everywhere - second hand stores, chain stores & boutique stores, whatever your budget you'll be able to easily find one at the right price.

Quality - Denim fabric is comprised of 100% cotton - A completely natural product that is hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause irritation to the skin), it regulates moisture, insulates, and is fairly wind resistant.

Inclusive - Denim jackets are for everyone, they're a unisex clothing item and there's a color and cut to suit everybody.

To summarize, denim jackets are clearly pretty awesome! I would love to know why anyone doesn't own a denim jacket and those who do, how long they've owned their denim jacket and how often it gets worn. I invite you to comment below. :)