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The best online store to buy and sell second hand designer clothing in NZ (&AU) - Designer Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 5

Have you ever enviously eyed someone and wondered 'How the heck do they afford all of those glorious expensive designer clothes?!' Maybe they bought them second hand (?).. I've bought many designer pieces second hand (and sold) through my favorite online outlet for second hand designer goods - Designer Wardrobe (Available to New Zealand & Australian residents only.)

Designer Wardrobe has been my primary outlet for buying and selling second hand designer clothing and popular labels for several years. This is because Designer wardrobe isn't a typical online store, it literally comprises of a community of people who share a common interest in and love of designer clothing & accessories, and it's carefully regulated.

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Designer Wardrobe - the company - the venue, act as a middle man to ensure quality control, security and accountability in the way that they detail listing requirements and process payments. These measures are put in place to protect both the customer and the seller as trade is mostly between individuals rather than purchasing directly from a company or online store.

It's free of cost to sign up for an account with this outlet, and from which you can buy, sell and rent designer clothing. There are no listing fees if you're looking to sell, success fees on selling an item apply and they are as follows:

Sales under $40 - $3.95 flat rate fee

Sales over $40 - 9.8% commission fee

Fee to buyer if paid by credit card 2.7% + 30 cents

In a way Designer Wardrobe is a little bit similar to Ebay or Trademe in the sense that it's trading between mutually interested members via a third party. The difference is that with Designer Wardrobe it's filtered to be only both new and second hand designer clothing and accessories, and the process via which the trade goes through is very secure as the trusted middle man holds and releases the funds once approval of received goods has been confirmed.

One of the features of this online outlet that's unique and which I personally really dig is the 'make an offer' button on sale listings. This gives potential buyers - anyone interested in an item, the opportunity to offer less than the listed sale price. Once a potential buyer makes an offer the seller has 72 to hours to either accept, reject, or counter offer. If the buyer counter offers, then you in turn have 72 hours to accept, decline or counter offer. So you can virtually haggle.. Cool!! (If the seller declines an offer, this doesn't prohibit you from making another offer.)

Rentals are potentially an awesome option for both buyer and seller. As a seller, renting out can be a handy way of recovering a portion of the cost of an item. As someone looking to rent it saves spending money on a piece that you want to wear only one time for a special occasion. - Win-Win. *Service fees in regards to renting are the same as applied to selling.

Valet rentals is a cosign service that Designer Wardrobe offer where they manage rentals for you. You can physically send your new or used designer clothing that you'd like to rent out to the company and they will take care of the whole rental process for you. This involves listing the item, shipping out, receiving back and dry cleaning. You receive 50% commission on your rentals for this service, much less than what you would receive managing your own rentals but you don't have to worry about a thing, just sit back and let the cash roll in.

Finally, DW have 2 physical rental stores within NZ full of new and second hand designer clothing and accessories available to rent for special occasions. One rental store located in Auckland the other in Christchurch, information for these stores are as follows:


402 Broadway, Newmarket

09 801 2581  rentals@designerwardrobe.co.nz

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10am - 5.30pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Sunday 11am - 3pm

Carparking available


171 Victoria Street

09 801 6109  rentals@designerwardrobe.co.nz

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10am - 5.30pm Saturday 10am - 3pm Sunday 11am - 3pm

Carparking available