• Marcel Smith

Bohemian Gypsy Inspired, Handmade Gemstone Jewelry & Home wares- The Free Spirit Shop

Updated: Apr 5

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The Free Spirit shop was founded on a love of natural gemstones for their spiritual energies and healing powers. Every type of natural gemstone possesses unique enlightening energy and the best way to harness the power of natural gemstones is to make jewelry out of them and wear them!

Jewelry & other items from this online store draw on gypsy, bohemian and Buddhism inspiration. Boho gypsy inspired jewelry is at the heart of this boutique, and each piece of gemstone jewelry is explained in great detail, entailing; exactly which gemstones are included in the design of the piece, the energies that the gemstones posses and how you can utilize the energies and healing powers of gemstone jewelry.

The skillfully handmade gemstone jewelry from Free Spirit is very reasonably priced and they have an outstanding reputation in regard to the high quality standard of items.

There's a customer reviews feed on the site that includes lots of images submitted by customers, wearing their jewelry. In most cases their jewelry as well as other accessories have merited 5/5 star ratings and rave reviews.

The Free Spirit online boutique store is based in the US and they provide free world wide shipping on orders over $50 USD.

As well as boho gypsy inspired jewelry, a range of home wares and decor are also available, including mandala and Buddhist bedding, wall art, cushion covers, ornaments & dream catchers.

The Free Spirit online boutique is a trusted and transparent outlet to source your high quality & affordable handmade gemstone jewelry.

All jewelry images used in this article are from The Free Spirit shop and are available for purchase at the time of publication of this article.