• Marcel Smith

Once It Review - NZ & AU online bargain shopping

Updated: Apr 5

This content is an independent review of online retailer Once It, based on my own personal experience and in no way is this review endorsed by Once It. This post may contain affiliate links. Should you click on an affiliate link I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.

I've placed numerous orders and bought loads of stuff from Once It over the past few years. Types of products that I've purchased from Once It include clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, health and beauty products, home wares, kitchen appliances and kid's toys.

The appeal with this online outlet is the everyday discounts, everything is always on sale. There are multiple sales across multiple categories - Women's wear, men's wear, kids, home wares, furniture, and beauty & wellness products. There's lots of popular and well known brands, and new sales daily.

Once It often use drop shipping methods to supply products, in which case an item will ship directly from the manufacturers factory. This means that if you place an order of multiple items it's very likely that you will receive your order in multiple parts at different times. Although Once It do have an NZ warehouse and do hold some stock, in which case you can receive your order overnight.

Shipping times can vary greatly depending on where they're coming from (which you can track through your account), sometimes I've received items within a few days and other times I've waited up to 4 weeks.

I've had a couple of minor issues with orders from Once It, a few times I've received an unbranded product which is something that I really don't like. These products turned out to be fine quality wise, but unbranded products make me suspicious.

The other small issue that I had one time was ordering an out of stock item that was showing

as available on the site. As a token of apology I received a $10 store credit, which I thought was pretty generous.

Other than these two small things I've not had any problems shopping at Once It and have scored many great bargains from this online store.