• Marcel Smith

NZSALE/OZSALE Review - An Independent Review Of Online Fashion Retailer NZSale/OZSale

Updated: Apr 19

First of all NZSALE & OZSALE are the same company, NZsale specifically for New Zealand customers, OZsale for Australian customers. Nzsale & Ozsale are online market places, they're essentially enormous virtual malls/ online shopping centers. This Review of these online market places is based on my own personal experiences as a repeat customer over about 8 years, and the knowledge that I've come to acquire regarding the operations of such companies. The majority of my purchases from this marketplace have been apparel & apparel accessories, cosmetics and skin care products.

This content is an independent review of online retailer NZSALE & OZSALE.com, based on my own personal experience and in no way is this review endorsed by this company. This post may contain affiliate links. Should you click on an affiliate link I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.

The big appeal with NZsale/OZsale is that you can score a substantial bargain and there's a broad range of categories with a massive amount of individual products to choose from. Well known brands such as Levis & L'Oreal, and popular high end designer labels such as Prada & Gucci are available at hugely discounted RRP's.

Not all products available on NZ/OZ sale are branded though and therefore there's no identifying where they're coming from and what to fully expect. Be aware of this when considering making a purchase. Read product descriptions and examine product images carefully in this case. Speaking from my own experience I suggest avoiding purchases where there's a lack of descriptive product detail and close up images, and unbranded products. Branding is important in my opinion as it holds a company accountable in the case that they produce and retail an unsatisfactory product.

My last NZSALE purchase included 3 pairs of boots that looked great in what I would see of them in the product images and they were a good price.. $30 - $50 NZD each. When these boots arrived they were quite obviously very cheaply made, I would not have paid $10 for them if I'd seen them in store. Honestly I should have known better, there was not a lot of detail in the product description and I was aware that they were not branded.

Don't get me wrong, the boots weren't terrible, they did resemble the product images that had been available and the sizing was right, but they weren't quite what I had (naively) expected quality wise.. They looked cheap.

Regardless of my occasional unsatisfactory impression with products that I've purchased from NZsale, it's not my intention to speak ill of the company and overall online shopping outlet. The company can't possibly be held accountable for ensuring quality control across it's many retailers where products are being shipped from several different countries, and I've always had a good experience in dealing with customer service reps.

There's been a few times where I've decided to lodge a complaint with a product either because it was unusable (skin care product - obviously ancient and stale), or I received something different that what I had ordered. Each time I've been met with a prompt & polite response with the intent to resolve the issue and keep the customer happy. Customer service gave me 2 options, either return the product for a full refund, or take a picture of the product that demonstrates the issue, no need to return the product to receive a partial refund. Fair resolve.

This marketplace is a vast sea of individual retailers and as such, products ship from many different international supplier warehouses. This means that when you place an order including items from different brands (or no brand), the shipment will be split and delivery time frames can vary greatly. Within product listing descriptions there will be an estimated delivery time frame which will be available for you to view after placing your order also, and you'll be able to view updates on the shipping process at any time.

Delivery time frame estimates are relatively accurate in my experience, however it's not unusual for deliveries to arrive more quickly than expected, or for them to take a lot longer than expected. Often times there will be quite a wait to receive an order, in some cases I've waited up to 6 weeks. This is just one of the downfalls of getting products at a heavily discounted RRP and is not unusual with these type of bargain buy online shopping outlets.

The reason for the sometimes extensive wait to receive an order is that items are not shipped as ordered and are not held by the company through which you are purchasing (NZ&OZ Sale online shopping outlet.) Essentially The online shopping platform is a third party or middleman between the retailer and the customer. An individual sale from any given retailer must run it's course however long that may be - a few days, a week.. All orders placed during the sale are then forwarded to the retailer once a sale has ended.

Over 8 years I've made many purchases from NZsale/Ozsale, primarily clothing, apparel accessories, cosmetics and skin care products. Some of these items have been unbranded, some well known brands, and some high end designer brands. This review is based primarily on my own experience.

In summary, NZSALE/OZSALE is a legitimate online shopping bargain marketplace, the company itself I believe can be trusted and have been helpful in my experience whenever I've had an issue and made a complaint. But there is a certain amount of risk in regards to the quality of a product, varying from retailer to retailer. Note that I'm of the opinion that the most reliable retailers are those of high end designer labels and well known popular brands.

I can't honestly say whether I either would or wouldn't recommend this online shopping market place, having both satisfactory and unsatisfactory experiences (most of which were rectified.) I've made a lot of purchases from NZSALE, which don't seem to be so much these days I guess due to the fact that my interests have changed.

As mentioned earlier in the piece, my advice would be to steer clear of unbranded products, read product descriptions and examine product images carefully. Other than this I believe that it's relatively safe to purchase from NZSALE & OZSALE, it's definitely not a scammy company.