• Marcel Smith

New Arrival! Flor D' Luna cami - Chasing Unicorns

Updated: Apr 5

I waited 4 long weeks to receive this embroidered beauty as it was a pre-sale item from Chasing Unicorns AU. The Flor D' Luna cami is more cropped than I had expected, which means there is less to wear it with than I had planned, but I do have a few high waisted skirts in mind to pair it with.

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If you're a fan of heavy embroidery detail as am I, Chasing Unicorns include embroidery a lot in their clothing and it's all done by hand. All of the clothing from this brand is hand made, ethically produced, and produced in very small quantities - on average 20 pieces per style so things sell out quick!

I've purchased from the Chasing Unicorns site only a few times and thus far I'm impressed with the quality and enchanted by the vintage and bohemian inspired beauty. I'll absolutely be collecting a few more treasures from this brand in future.

Styling post for the Flor D' Luna linen cami coming soon!