• Marcel Smith

How to get beauty products for free (NZ only)

Updated: Apr 5

I've been a member of an NZ site & community called Beauty Review for 6 years now and during this time I've received well over $2,000 worth of beauty products for free.

As the name suggests, Beauty Review is primarily a review directory for all types of beauty products. It's also a community where members can share their ideas, tips and suggestions on all things beauty related. What you're probably most interested in is how to get beauty products for free, there are 3 ways..

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1. Writing Reviews - Beauty review uses a point system and these points translate to actual dollars that you will have the opportunity to spend 4 times a year - quarterly in the Beauty Vault which i'll explain later. As a standard you earn 15 points per product review, 10 points = $1. Occasionally Beauty Review will run brand or product promotions where you can earn double or triple points per review (triple points = $4.50 per review - not bad), this will be in relation to specific products or brands.

The way to get started racking up points is to search the site for products that you're currently using and have recently used, and simply start reviewing. There's 1000's of products loaded on the site and you can review any one of them that you've used.

There is a standard for product reviews and they are all checked and approved for quality before they're published and you're rewarded your points. Don't be intimidated by this, all that Beauty Review ask is that your reviews honest, descriptive, polite and easy to read.

2. Trial Teams - Beauty review run product trial teams often, where there will be x amount of a specific product available for members to trial. The way that this works is that you will receive notification via your Beauty Review inbox and by email when there are products available for trial. Generally all that you need to do to put your hand up for a trial team is to read the relevant article containing the information about the trial product, and comment with why you'd like to be a part of that trial team - simple. Occasionally you'll be invited to fill out a short survey that will match your suitability to a trial product and you may receive an invite that way.

When you receive an invite to a trial team you'll be notified by email and you'll want to accept the invite as soon as possible as there are limited places on a trial team and it's first in first served. More invites are issued than the number of product that's available, this is because Beauty Review post (free of cost to you) out trial products all in one hit and can't have the response of a few people holding up the process.

When you're lucky enough to receive a free product for trial you're expected to review it within a specified time frame. You must complete the review within the specified time frame, otherwise you won't be eligible for trial teams in future.

In addition to receiving a beauty product totally for free, you also get bonus points for your review. You earn 50 points ($5 worth) for reviews placed as part of a trial team.

3. Giveaways - Beauty review give away a lot of free beauty product, usually on celebratory occasions ie - Christmas time, or the site reaching a milestone thanks to it's members - such as reaching 100,000 beauty product reviews in the sites system.

Personally I've received products through giveaways a handful of times, the 2 significant ones which I recall were a Bgvlgari perfume, and a small pack full of a variety of products from the cosmetics brand ZA.

'The Beauty Vault' - The beauty vault is basically an online store that opens for one day only approximately every 3 months. This is where you have the opportunity to spend your points on a variety of beauty products. Before the vault opens there's always a preview so that you can plan what you want to get, this is a good idea as quantities are very limited and free product is obviously going to be snapped up fast!

You do need to pay for shipping on beauty vault buys, this will depend on how many products you have in your cart and will be calculated at check out. This is the only cost that you ever need to cover in regards to scoring free beauty products with Beauty Review.

A bit more about the site.. In addition to writing reviews and scoring free beauty product there's other ways in which you can participate on the site. The Beauty Review teams notices participation across the site and tends to reward with a greater likelihood to be selected for trial opportunities.

Photo wall - The photo wall is a bottomless feed of images submitted by members sharing makeup looks, product hauls, hair and manicure styles - anything beauty related.

Forum - The forum is a place to discuss anything beauty related, ask questions, answer questions, gain and provide insight, suggestions and advice.

A valuable resource for those with any interest in beauty products - In a sense you can try before you buy via others experience with a product. If you've been thinking about purchasing a specific product or wondering for example what would be a good mascara to try, read reviews, comment and ask questions.

Best Beauty Box Ever - Occasionally Beauty Review release bargain beauty boxes which they call "Best Beauty Box Ever." These boxes typically contain x2-3 the value in products in regard to the cost of the box (typically $50 - $100).

Having personally purchased several of these boxes, I can vouch that they're pretty awesome , great value and make beautiful gifts. Also it means more products for you to review = more points! Technically this recovers a portion of the cost of the box too.

As I said at the beginning of this article that over 6 years I've scored well over 2K worth of beauty products for free via this site. This value could have easily been much higher had I been more active on the site. There's been times where I've been super active, consistently reviewing products that I've used, and there's been long periods where I haven't engaged in the site at all.

The more active that you are on Beauty Review, the more free beauty products you will have the opportunity to receive. It's totally free to sign up and become a member of this community and you're free to participate as much or as little as you like. There are only 2 expectations and they are very fair - write quality reviews (not a few generic lines), and complete a review within the specified time frame when you're sent a product for trial.