• Marcel Smith

Freddy pants Review

Updated: Apr 5

I bought my first pair of Freddy pants over a year ago, having become intrigued by Freddy pants ads popping up on my Facebook feed. Since then I've bought more and I now own 5 pair of Freddy pants.

The following content is a completely independent review based on personal experience, in no way is this content endorsed by the Freddy pants brand. This post may contain affiliate links. Should you click on an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Freddy pants are thick tights, jeggings or jeans that boast as being the most flattering pants for women available. These pants are designed specifically to make your butt look as great as possible while being comfortable. Thanks to complicated & strategic stitching across the butt and contouring silicone patches on the inside of the pants, yes they do the job.

Freddy pants are super stretchy and have a silicone lined waist band or thick elastic panels in the sides to hold them up in place and prevent slipping. They come in low, medium and high waist fit, full length and 7/8 length. The standard size range is XXS - XL, (4-14 AU/NZ, 0-10 US, 32-42 EU.) There's also a maternity range and a curvy range to fit size 12-18 AU/NZ, 8-14 US, 40-46 EU.

For reference I take a size small in Freddy pants, i'm size 8-10, 5'2 and my weight fluctuates between 52 - 55kg. Also I opt for the 7/8 length which is perfect for my height, full length on me. (Me pictured below)

High waist Diwo Pro Freddys - Anita Kay Imagery

The first pair of Freddy pants that I purchased are low waisted and I find them to be almost too low, and so after that I've chosen the mid and high waist styles. Be aware that the low waist style is low low - bumster.

I've made a few mistakes with my first pair of Freddy pants, resulting in the condition breaking down quite quickly, honestly I didn't take very good care of them. If you're considering buying a pair of Freddy pants, avoid these mistakes to maintain the quality of the pants..

Washing Machine & Drier - Freddy pants need to be hand washed to maintain the condition. Chucking them in the washing machine or drier will destroy the silicone waist band & patches.

My mistreated Freddys..

Hand Washing - Be careful with dark colors, if you leave a pair of dark blue or black Freddy pants to soak be aware that some dye will run out. Be sure to wash and rinse your dark colors quickly.

Sun Drying - My first pair of Freddy pants were black but they faded significantly with leaving them out to dry being exposed to direct sunlight several times.

As far as customer service goes, Freddy is a smooth and easy company to deal with. Shipping and responses to inquiries are prompt.

These jeggings are pull on pants, buttons for show

I had an issue with the last pair of Freddy pants that I purchased, the pants in question are a high waist zip front, 'Diwo Pro' style. What this means is that it's a specially engineered shaping fabric that's silky smooth and good for your skin.

The issue that I had with these pants is that some stitching came undone in the crotch area after only 2 wears. Naturally this upset me deeply (these pants aren't cheap!) So I reached out to the Freddy customer service team to inform them of what had happened and received a response promptly.

I was offered 2 options, either return the pants for inspection or get them repaired, send Freddy customer service a copy of the receipt and they would reimburse the cost. Considering the cost of postage I decided to take the pants to a seamstress for repair. I was expecting the cost to be $15-$20 (NZ), but it was only $5. I had forgotten to get a copy of the receipt and decided not to worry about it since the cost was so low.

I didn't bother responding to Freddy customer service as I had no receipt, but they followed up sending me a message asking how I got on and if I had a copy of the receipt for them. I thought that was pretty good of them, the usual case with problem products and services is that you need to do all of the following up yourself to get anywhere.

So my review of Freddy pants is largely positive, and i'll very likely purchase a few more pairs in future.