• Marcel Smith

Billy Bones Club - Hats Review

Updated: Jun 27

Billy Bones Club is an Australian brand that sells hats primarily, as well as a small range of clothing. The Billy Bones brand is about as unconventional as they come in terms of tone, ie: plenty of profanity used in marketing material, and toting of motto's such as "Zero fucks to give."

This is a completely honest and independent review of the Billy Bones Club brand and the hat that I purchased with my own money..

This review is not endorsed by The Billy Bones Club brand in any sense, however it does contain affiliate links to some of their products as well as other products. Should you click on an affiliate link, or purchase a product through an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

I first noticed the Billy Bones Club brand via a Facebook ad, it looked interesting, so I had a quick look through their online store, saw some things that I liked and then forgot about it. A month or so later I was specifically after a brown fedora hat and my online search led me to the Billy Bones store again. I liked the leather strap detail around the fedora hat, the fact that they come in a range of colors, and I got the impression that this was a quality product, so I decided to buy one. Also the point of difference with this brand I found interesting and appealing, not what I would typically go for..

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The quality of this hat is very good as I'd expected, considering the price point and the image of the brand. I wouldn't image that this hat would ever fall apart, it's very well made, neat and tidily finished. I ordered the smallest size - size small/56cm, which is an ok fit but could afford to be a bit smaller.. If the sizing went down to XS then i'd go for that size.

Billy Bones offer a 10% discount on your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter, or 15% off if you make a purchase within 24 hours of subscribing. I took advantage of the 15% discount, and they were also offering free shipping at the time, I ended up paying $76.46 AU for this hat. Considering all of the fedora hats that I looked at online before deciding on this one, this seems to be an average price point for a 100% wool fedora hat that should be of high quality.

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I reached out to customer service a couple of times while I was waiting for this order to arrive, and received a response quickly.

Overall Billy Bones is a pretty cool brand that offers a great quality product. I would definitely recommend to anyone specifically shopping for a good quality fedora style hat.